Ocarina 4 hole clay handmade “Odonata” Medium Size


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Odonata (“the scientific order of dragonflies”) brand ocarinas are made in Australia, individually handcrafted from clay.

Each 4 hole ocarina comes in a presentation box, is fitted with a neck string and includes a fingering chart with a couple of songs to get you started.  The brief history of the ocarina is a fascinating read.

These are “freestyle” ocarinas for playing on your own – they are not in any particular key.  As for most wind instruments, breath pressure will vary the pitch of every note to a different degree, so some practice is required to play notes properly in tune.  One octave 8 note range (more if you can work out the fingerings yourself!)

Dimensions (approx.) 90mm long, 60mm wide, 40mm thick.  Our ocarinas are all “medium (ish)” sized.  Larger (lower pitched) or smaller (higher pitched) models may possibly be ordered at additional cost and potentially extended waiting times.

Be sure to handle your ocarina with great care – the clay is brittle and will not tolerate rough handling or being dropped. Not suitable for small children.

“Ocarinas love going for long bush walks, having conversations with birds, making up tunes and playing in the bath”

Click the following link to hear the Odonata Ocarina’s sounds:    https://odonataocarinas.bandcamp.com/  

Click the following link to access the Odonata Ocarina music album:

“The Butterflies Feet” https://odonataocarinas.bandcamp.com/album/the-butterflies-feet