Where are you located?

We’re at number 68 (street level in the Da Costa building, next to Da Costa Arcade) in Grenfell street in the Adelaide CBD, just one block south of the iconic Rundle Mall. From the Mall, if you head south along Gawler Place (where the Mall canopy is, about halfway along the Mall) then turn left at the traffic lights onto Grenfell Street, our store is on street level just three shops along. And don’t be fooled by our narrow shop front, we’re like an iceberg and have a large basement area that you can access via the stairs at the back wall of our ground floor guitar department. If you need it, we can access a lift to the basement, so just mention it to a staff member and they’ll be happy to assist you!

Where can I park?

The Harris Scarfe car park can be entered another 50 metres east down the road from our store. Another block further on (accessed from Pirie St) is the Wyatt St/Hyde St car park.  Ticketed and Loading Zone parking is also available in Pirie St and Gawler St south. Prior to 2pm there is a Loading Zone right out the front of our store. If you are collecting large or heavy goods that you have already selected and paid for in-store then we can have them waiting at the front of our store if you need to do a drive-by pickup.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do! You should be able to find pre-selected amounts ready for purchase in our “Giftware” category. We will mail you or the designated recipient the actual voucher which is a valuable document. The voucher can then be redeemed in store.  The voucher must be utilised fully in one visit.

Do you have a minimum EFTPOS amount?

Not really, but we do expect you to be considerate of the fact that every EFTPOS transaction is a cost to us.  If you’re only needing a few picks we would appreciate you finding some cash, or purchasing something else you need as well to make it a viable transaction and help keep us in business.

Is there a warranty on the products you sell?

Yes. Australian Consumer Law says that anything new we sell must do what it is supposed to do for a reasonable amount of time.  Although this varies depending on the product (with some suppliers, especially of keyboards, sometimes offering longer warranties) it is commonly accepted that 12 months is reasonable for most items.  Secondhand items are not warranted in the same way but must be accurately represented at the time of the sale.

Shipping bulky items and to remote locations

Shipping quotes do not allow for bulky or heavy items to interstate addresses and delivery to remote locations. In these instances we will send you an amended shipping quote after you have completed, but before we have fulfilled your order. You can choose to either accept the amended shipping quote or receive a full refund.

When will my online order be shipped?

Your order will not be shipped until full payment has been made. If the ordered item(s) become unavailable during the time between order and payment, we will contact you and arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Does my ordered product include insurance?

All shipping costs quoted do NOT include insurance. If you would like to add insurance, please let us know at the time of your order.

What is your return policy?

If you change your mind or no longer require the goods for any reason we reserve the right to not provide a refund. However, subject to our discretion, we may allow you to exchange and / or upgrade some items. Any exchange or upgrade must be accompanied by receipt and be strictly within 7 days of purchase. Any refund offered under this “change of mind” policy will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. This policy in no way affects your refund / warranty rights under Australian Consumer Law.

Are your online prices the same as instore?

The prices and products advertised on our website are for sales from this website only (not necessarily in our Adelaide store). It is important to note that personal shoppers in-store may have access to sales, discounted prices or specials that are not made available or applicable online. We do our very best to make sure we keep our prices up to date but at times there may be a delay in doing so. In these cases, we ask for your understanding keeping in mind that, if a price change is necessary, we never charge your card without first getting confirmation via email or phone that you are completely happy with your order. All orders must be paid for before they will be sent.


Do you take in secondhand sheet music?

We do! You will need to bring (or have someone bring for you) your surplus sheet music to our store.  We are no longer able to pay for music since we already have a very large collection of secondhand music for sale and are transitioning out of this aspect as we downsize into a violin specialist business.  But whilst we are at this address we will still be happy to take your excess music off your hands as a donation and we will endeavour to make it available to others at bargain prices.

Do you buy instruments/take trade-ins?

We do – sometimes. We’re happy to consider whatever you would like to sell or trade-in and need to see it in store in order to let you know what it would be worth to us. It can be helpful to email us first to let us know what you have as market conditions can change, so we do not always accept all instruments.

Do you do repairs?

We do; however, if your product requires specialist repair, we usually know someone else who will be better qualified to assist you. Our in-house luthier does repair bows and do most orchestral string instrument repairs.  Our guitar team can restring your guitar for you. For other repairs on instruments we will endeavour to recommend a suitable repairer for you.

Can you help with home recording studio equipment?

We can, and we’ll be happy to advise you how to get started and exactly what you’ll need. Minimum is a condenser microphone and some recording software (available free) on a computer, but you should also consider a pair of monitoring headphones, a boom mic stand, and maybe a pop filter to prevent breath “pops” from close miking.

Do you sell PA gear, and are they battery operated?

We do, from buskers to small bands we are happy to advise on a range of potentially suitable mixer/amplifier/speaker combinations. Portable units with replaceable or rechargeable batteries (last 4-6 hours) are available.

Do you give lessons?

We don’t, but we have a display wall along our staircase dedicated to teachers who advertise their services for lessons on various instruments.

Do you have starter packs - for vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, drums?

We do, and for most instruments if we don’t have a specific pack then we can put together a custom pack with just the elements you need to get you underway.

Do you give a teacher's discount?

Once we have established that you are a bona fide music teacher, we offer a sliding scale loyalty discount on print music you are buying for yourself and/or your students. Please mention you are a music teacher when purchasing your print music in our basement department.

What sort of microphone should I buy?

We stock a range of dynamic, condenser and wireless handheld and headset mics.  Live performers will most often need a dynamic mic, recording artists will most often want the more sensitive condenser mic. Condenser mics for those starting out can be USB connected directly into your computer or iPad, or they can be connected to the computer via a separate interface box for those requiring fancier mics and more control. Wireless options are available for live presenters and are made up of at least 3 components, the microphone, the receiver and then the amplifier/speaker. We can advise you on the best option for your situation.

Can I do work experience at your shop?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to accommodate work experience candidates.

Should I get a nylon string or steel string guitar?

Children will usually start on a nylon string guitar because nylon strings are softer on their tender fingers. Classical music is usually played on a nylon string guitar.  Nylon string guitars are available in smaller fractional sizes to assist very young beginners. Folk and pop music is usually played on a steel string guitar because these give greater volume and a tighter sound for strumming. Both types of guitar are available with a pickup (or can have one added) to be played through an amplifier for louder sound.

How do I know what size violin my child needs?

It is important that children have the right size violin otherwise their progress will be inhibited. We need to have the child visit our store so that we can advise you on the right size for them at any given time.

Can you tune my violin and replace my strings?

We are happy, at no additional charge, to tune your violin and put on any violin, viola or cello strings you have purchased from us.

Can I play my electronic drum kit through a guitar amp?

You can, but it won’t sound great. Drums and keyboards, due to the wide frequency range of sounds they’re capable of (very low bass drums to very high cymbals), should be played through either a dedicated “full range” (has two speakers built in) practice monitor amp, a proper powered speaker, or a PA system that can also handle the full range of frequencies.

Why spend extra on a ``solid top`` guitar or ukulele?

Whereas laminated or plywood guitars, ukes, mandolins etc are cheaper, look great, and are quite durable, they will not improve their sound like a solid top instrument. If a solid top instrument is played regularly it will improve its sound and response making for a much more sensitive and enjoyable playing experience. Solid back and sides, whilst also very desirable (at considerable extra cost), are not as essential and don’t improve the sound as much as a solid top.

Still have questions?